Make over - Before - My Bedroom

Friday, March 16, 2007

Well I am finally up-to-date with all my orders so I have decided to treat myself to a little decorating... This is sort of what my bedroom looks like now, the only difference really is the little suitcases are actually in my sewing room now and the chest of drawers in actually on the same wall as my bed... I live in a tiny 3 bedroom cottage... As I told you in one of the previous posts I have a new light blue iron bed and my hubby will head to town tomorrow and buy us a new mattress as this one is so old, it is terrible... I am going to head into town this morning and buy a can of my favourite paint (Dulux - Chalk USA) and empty my room and start painting... Hopefully early next week I will have a post with it finished.....

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  1. I can't wait to see your "new room" room,Cathy, I know it's going to be just gorgeous.
    xo, Christe'

  2. How fun! I like the idea of the dusty blue iron bed against a color called "Chalk" - that sounds beautiful. I'll be looking for your "after". :)


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