New structure for garden

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Well it is a long weekend here in Australia and I must say we will be working hard. I still need to finish catalogue and print it off and we want to try and finish our new pergola as well... This is a sneak peak... Just remember we are in the middle of a terrible drought here in Australia so everything is a little sad in the garden but one thing that copes alright are apple and pear trees so we are going to plant 8 of the those and prune them so they will eventually be like walls... Behind that we will have a little lavender hedge and near the house some hydrangeas. We will be using like a sandstone coloured paver which were delivered this week.... It is very early Saturday morning and the daylight is just starting to peak through... Hoot (our barn owl) has just flown back into the shed after a night on the town... My family are still all sound asleep... So I am going to have a little brekkie and do some soldering and then this morning I will paint the boards that will go across the top of the structure...

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  1. Looks great! I bet it will be beautiful when it's finished and all the plants are in. :)

  2. You all have been doing some hard work! I want to get Wes to make a pergola for us, too...maybe I'll have him look at your "work in progress" pictures for inspiration - it is neat to see your cottage from a different angle...I can imagine your home better now :)

  3. I always wanted to see the outside of your home and your neighborhood - more photos! :-) So glad you shared.



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