My kitchen clock

Monday, June 04, 2007

It is really hard to take photos of my kitchen as it is so very dark so I apologise for this photo... My darlin hubby and I have conflict over our kitchen... I would love to paint it all off-white as it is so dark in there (light on through the daytime) but it was built in the 1880's and my hubbies philosophy is that if it has never been painted we shouldn't paint it.... So I am slowly buying things to make it look like what I want without the paint if that makes sense... I purchased this clock last Friday, it is quiet huge but it is just what the wall needed (I think)... I need to have some things on my mantel as the tiny candles definitely don't look right... My house is a constant work in progress and it always will be and I must say I like it that way....

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  1. Hi Cathy, just as I suspected...the clock looks great. Can't wait to see what you do put on your mantle as you always come up with the BEST're always playing house and now we can join in.Thanks.

  2. I love your new clock, it looks wonderful there. Your home is cozy & comfortable, your old white ironstone dishes are so lovely.
    xo C

  3. Charming kitchen. I agree,it does look dark though. Maybe a light -colored floor cloth would break the monotony of the wood.

  4. Oh boy...I'm lucky that my husband doesn't mind what I do in the are good at compromise, though! What about three big ironstone platters on that mantle under the clock, or a big long white washed sign that says "Family" or "Vintage" or something like that...ideas, ideas, ideas!

  5. This is the most lovely Kitchen. And I adore the original colored wood.
    it is truly charming.

  6. Thanks ladies, I will show you some updated photos soon...
    Robyn, some days I do love the rustic charm of it so thank you for saying that you like it, that really, really helps...


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