You can laugh!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Here I go again.... Moving things around in my studio.... I have so much on at the moment that sometimes it makes me feel unmotivated so this is how I get my creative juices going again by moving things around... It is OK to laugh.... my family usually does....

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  1. wow thouse pictures looked realy lovley...If i had a work/study place like that, no one would heare or see me for months...

  2. God, you're making my mouth water...

  3. Cathy if I owned those beautiful bits and pieces, I think I'd play all day!

  4. WOW! It was really lovely!! Such a studio!

  5. I know how you feel... :) Re-arranging does the same for me.

    P.S. I am almost ready to place a new order. I only have a few charms left.

  6. Oh wow these pictures are so gorgeous! I'm going through the same "tear it apart to get my mind clear" thing right now in my studio, too! It DOES work but my family laughs also! They don't get it but I do! Love to see what you post always :)

  7. my dear cathy,

    oh, you have such a pretty place to play...
    but how do you get any work done when you have so many pretty toys to play with?!!!

  8. Hi Cathy, Your studio is amazing. I love these photos!

    I arrange and rearrange, too. It does help to get those creative juices going!


  9. Oh my good...i just love your blog..its so beatiful.Ihope you dont mind that i put you in my favorite list..
    many hugs Johanna

  10. What a joy to find your beautiful blog! It's nice to find lovers of the shabby chic style. We are many in Sweden, as you might have found thru Vintage's Swedish interior blog. She's one of my personal favourites.

    I like your style, and hope it's ok by you if I list you as one of my favourites!

    Welkome to sneak a peek at my new blog FRIDHEM (house of peace). We're renovating a hundred year old Swedish countryhouse. In the sixties previous owners modernised it in their view...
    Now we are dedicated to bringing the old country-charm back...

    Ingela :)

  11. Thank you all for your lovely comments... I will keep you up-to-date with all my re-arranging...
    Take care

  12. I think creative people like to move things around. Just to see things from another angle.
    Love your studio it is very cosy and shabby chic.
    Love Eva Agnes

  13. Hello There on the another side of the world, (i think) when I see The clock... lovley blogg you have..

  14. What a lovely blog Cathy. I hope you don't mind if I put a link on my blog.
    Living not too many kms from you, I've passed your home many times over the years and seen in person it's wonderful transformation on the outside. Now I actually get to see the gorgeous interior. You've done a truly marvellous job. Well Done.

  15. Thanks so much Helen, I don't often hear from local ladies so thanks for the lovely comment...

  16. I just want to give you a tip...
    Anette on her blog Lantlif has just laid out pictures of her new laundry-room. It's the loveliest I've ever seen!!!!
    I thought you might enjoy it...

    Just go to my blog and look up Lantlif among my favourites...

    Ingela from Sweden :)

  17. Wow! Your blog is wonderful and exactly the inspiration I need since I`m renovating and old house. The look you`ve got in your beautiful cottage is SO much what I would want. Ah...lovely! So glad I stumbled over your blog - would like to link you to mine. Hope it`s okey?

  18. We won't laugh, we "get" it...:)

    I love rearranging things in the studio, it does make it all more motivating and inspiring, doesn't it??


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