Little collages

Friday, August 03, 2007

Well nearly 10 pm Friday night here and I have been just going through a lot of my photos files and cleaning them out so thought I would share another little collage with you... I love the contrast of this little old sewing machine drawer that has bits of different coloured paint on it... Lovely glitter and pretty roses.... a close up of my sweet little petticoat... A beautiful paper cone made by my dear friend Christine Crocker with a lovely photo of my dad when he was a little man.... old buttons and a beautiful detailed timber frame.... All things that I love.....

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  1. What a lovely collection of photos, it makes them even more special when we have memories of loved ones to share...looks like your sore throat has started to get better...have a nice week-end xx

  2. This is a beautiful collage. Great memories for you, too!


  3. Lovely pictures!

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Thanks for all your beatiful pictures..i love them

  5. how lovly youre pictures are! They always make me dream....
    I would love to look at youre catalog when its done.
    I have been looking and reading youre hole blogg,and I absolutley love make so many beautiful things....have a nice weekend!
    Take care!

  6. It's all lovely!
    Yet your home isn't full of those kind of things that - wonderful as they are - can make it look just overcluttered! Good balancing act!

    Ingela :)
    ...expecting your precious catalogue...

  7. Love the collage and bits and pieces articles!


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