my lovely bedroom

Monday, August 06, 2007

Well another cool, windy day here.... Have had a friend over this morning which doesn't happen a lot so it was a nice change for the morning... I was just standing looking through my little French doors into my bedroom and I would so like to make this room my kitchen... It is in the eastern corner of the house where all the beautiful morning sunshine drifts in... and right beside my lounge room... It has been a dream of mine for many years now but it is hard to know whether it is worth all the cost and inconvenience... My darlin husband just rolls his eyes at me..... What idea has she got this time.... Anyway my dear Kirstie gets her braces off tomorrow so she is so very, very excited..... Will send you some photos of her later this week as it is her 14th birthday on Sunday... Take care........

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  1. Oh its so great that you shared this post!! I can't wait to show my hubby this...he rolls his eyes at me all the time when he hears my constant ideas to change this or that! lol This will show him I'm not the only one :) You can just see the lovely light in that room...I don't blame you for wanting to change it to a kitchen. My kitchen is so dark...wish it had that kind of light!

  2. Cathy, so beautiful again. I just love looking at your pics. Lucky your husband just rolls his eyes. Mine shakes his head and it happens so often I tell him he had better be careful or one day it might just fall off!!!!


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