Our old courthouse

Monday, August 20, 2007

Well it is funny you know how all of a sudden you start thinking about change... Wanting change and disruption in your life... Some of you would know that we own (or the bank owns it really - smile) an old building that was originally our little towns courthouse and police station... It is right next door to our house with a 1/2 an acre of land between them... It is being rented out at the moment... Over the last couple of weeks I have been thinking of doing some extra things to the house we are in and then I thought why not renovate the courthouse as it is much bigger and then we could rent this house or even sell it eventually if we had too... Oh but ALL that work (and money) - could I deal with that again.... Negatives about the courthouse is it really needs to be restumped, reroofed and painted externally which are all jobs that we would need to get tradesmen to do... Inside we would move the kitchen and the bathroom so as you can imagine the $$$$$ signs would add up and up and do we really need the extra space... I have a 14 year old and a nearly 11 year old. Recently I have noticed we are having more gatherings of younger people staying in our house and it is pretty cramped not unbearable but cramped ... I grew up in a 3 bedroom house with 5 kids and there were always extras so am I being silly to want this... We really want to do a European vacation at the end of Kirstie's schooling (3 years time) as well so is it better to stay with what we have and enjoy it or take on another adventure... Would love to hear your thoughts my friends... As you know with me I have already got a plan of the new layout for the other house, how I would paint it and so on..... Anyway need to get a charm order finished today so best get started... Take care Cathy

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  1. WHAT a gorgeous building! I love it. I say take the plunge, but that is easy for me to say way over here in the States where you can't ask me to come help! hehehe! ;) Can't wait to hear what you decide, though...

  2. Cathy, you know you've just got to do it or it will always be on your mind. You've got to go through with it for our sake too- now our minds are so excited about this new challenge. Creation on a grand scale...I love it.You would do it so well just like everything else you turn your hand to.Oh the images coming to mind...you go girl!

  3. dearest Cathy,
    if the morning sun comes into the kitchen, then you just have to do it!

  4. I always feel so at home in your house and I am sure you would create even more of this gorgeous feeling given more space.. It would be a challenge and a fun one too, with plenty of scope for your regular changes and design ideas....

  5. I like the looks of that building and I know you would do a spectacular job of fixing it up!

    We have friends who have moved several antique log houses to their rural property and restored them. They live in the largest structure and use a smaller one as a guest house. They also have little reproduction shops and a post office. It's like a small village. We always enjoy our visits there. Have never stayed overnight, but I think about how wonderful it would be to stay in the log guest house.

    I admire anyone who takes an old building and renews it! I'm looking forward to hearing what your decision is.

  6. Thanks ladies for your words of wisdom... Do you all want to come and help (smile).... My mind is working overtime...

  7. Oh how I would like to camp out over there and pull some one-nighters and work on the building. Take before photos! (Because you know you will work on it some day!)

  8. Cathy! Go for it! You will regret it someday otherwise. Oh my I never thought I would recommend someone to start renovating since I am in the middle of it myself. But it`s great fun and very rewarding to see the finished result .... I think! For me it`s yet to happen :-)

    The building is gorgeous! Can understand your mind working overtime! I would love to help....if I wasn`t so far away!

  9. My intuition tells me that you should go with your heart. If I know I'll think about something long after, I decide to do it, and haven't ever been dissapointed, even if it meant some discomfort or hardship to make it happen. I know that is easy to say, but I want all of your dreams to come true, because you deserve every good thing.

  10. Dear Cathy
    I beleive, no I know, you will do amazing things with the courthouse as you are a very talented woman and it is your blank canvas. Maybe it could be your big project after the European experience!!! The ideas and inspiration you will get from Europe is amazing..... But whatever you decide, you will do a fantastic job!!! xx


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