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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dear friends
I just needed to share with you this gorgeous doll... My dear friend Christe (Deerfield Farmhouse) made it especially for me for my daughter Kirstie... She is much prettier and more delicate in real life then a photo can show... The attention to detail is exquisite... Kirstie called her Emma as she reminded her of Emma the movie based on the Jane Austin novel... Kirstie actually got a set of 5 Jane Austin novels for her birthday... as you all know she loves to read.....

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  1. Hi Cathy
    That is soooo beautiful and exquisite. Kirsty is a lucky gal! Christine Crocker's creation's are just out of this world, wow!

  2. Hello Down Under, from extremely Up Over!
    Thank you for sending me your lovely catalogue! So inspiring!
    I love how you decorated for your daughter's birthday!

    Hugs :)

  3. Hi Cathy, thankyou so much for sending me your magazine, I was so thrilled to receive it.
    'Emma' is so charming, she evokes a lovely magical elegance, what a lovely birthday pressie

  4. How fun is this!

    it's so lovely to see Little Emma sitting on the table in your home so many thousands of miles from me...oh how I wish we could have traveled with her to help celebrate with Kirstie.
    Thank you so much, dear Cathy


  5. Charming little doll. I'm trying to figure out what it is made of - plaster, papier mache? A doll like this is one you would want to treasure - infact, I could imagine how much character it would have gained due to the aging process - another 20 to 30 years from now...nice.

  6. What a beautiful and unique doll. Emma is the perfect name for her.

  7. Stunningly beautiful!!! Hello from up North :-)

    kind regards, Marja

  8. Hi!

    What a beautiful doll! I have never seen anything like it!


  9. The doll is exquisite!


  10. OH MY! Just amazing and beautiful in every way...

  11. She is so delicate precious and elegant...what an amazing gift :) Im excited to say I got your lovely catalog...look forward to ordering some goodies from it! It's so prettily put together...I applaud your talent and efforts :)

  12. Emma is absolutely beautiful!! Christine just makes the most adorable and characterful dolls! Lucky Kirstie! Best wishes sends Carol from Germany

  13. Your doll is lovely! I just love her. :)


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