Spring is in the air

Friday, August 31, 2007

Well it is nearly 4 am here and I can't sleep.....I can't believe today is the last day of winter for another year... We have been having crisp, cool nights and the most glorious warm, sunny days this last week.... I have been spending my days sitting on my front verandah and working on loads of tiny little charms for orders.... I was so lucky this week to receive this absolutely gorgeous book from a dear customer Randi.... I swapped some of my goodies charms, needle case and journal for this amazing book... I can't read it but the photography is just so spectacular... To be honest I think it is the nicest book I have ever seen and I am sure it will be much inspiration if and when we start work on the courthouse..... The other photo is of my garden last Spring so hopefully it will look like that again soon.... Anyway I am going to make myself a cup of tea I think and do a little more work....

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  2. Hi Cathy
    Have fun with Randi's book and get inspired for your next venture!! I love all the European websites especially Min lilla Verandah (one of your blog links) and even though I cannot understand the language, I just love looking at the beautiful photos!

  3. Dear Cathy!
    It`s strange to read that spring is in the air just as we are entering autumn. Which is my favourite time of the year by the way. I SO love to read your blog and look at your lovely pictures. The courthouse is just gorgeous and I can understand that you cant stop thinking about it. But don`t hurry in to anything...It will still be there in the future.....


  4. Hello Cathy

    As spring arrives in Australia, autumn is about to arrive here, in Missouri. My daughter was very fortunate to visit Australia, last year about this time. She had a wonderful time during her week long stay.


  5. Hello there.
    It feels so strange to read the words -the first day of spring , when we here in Sweden soon will start the first day of winter with cold days , lots of snow and all that comes with it.
    Hugs from Betty in Sweden.

  6. Oh that book looks lovely! Can't wait to see your new pretties...love, cheryl

  7. First of all, thank you so much for visiting me and leaving me such a nice comment, made my day!
    And i am so impressed of what you make! It is all so beautiful, and you are so talented! Enjoy your day, Aina (",)

  8. Hi there!
    I found your blog through "min lilla veranda" and I really love your charms!
    Me & my husband are renovating our house and we have a 7 months-old daughter, cats and a dog. Time really flies by, and at the end of the day I have some time för myself when I can just sit down and relax. Then, it's so nice to visit your blog. You're such an inspiration!

    /Maria from Sweden


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