Monday, February 18, 2008

Some times I just love to take photos of texture, especially beautiful raw linen, my favourite. This was a sweet little bouton (button) bag I made for a shop in New Zealand. Old pearl buttons are another favourite of mine. There shimmering presence with old linen thread wrapped around the tiny little holes looks just amazing.

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  1. Hi - What a lovely blog. I've just found you by a circuitous route and am so pleased! I've looked at your shoppe blog too, and see on 24 Jan you posted a photo of a book I have - The Cradle Ship by Edith Howes. It's my mother's book which found its way onto my bookshelves about 30 years ago!

    I shall pop back again later when I have more time to browse.


  2. Dear Cathy

    How beautiful! Though I must say I think it is waht you add to the texture of the linen, your charms, journals & pin cushions that makes them so divine.

    You just amaze me with each new idea you complete.

    Always Wendy :)

  3. your pictures are beautiful!! I like linnene and pear buttons too!!

  4. You have a way of showing off simple things beautifully!

    I feel like scavenging for buttons at my favourite charity store!


  5. Dreamy pretty :) I'm a linen lover too.

  6. Hello Cathy Louise,

    What a beautiful blog you Have! You have a gift to show the beauty of simple anonymous things. Do you mind if I put a link to "Simple Things Small Joys" in my favourite blogs list? Thanks. Anne.

  7. Just beautiful once again Cathy!

  8. i love the photos...so beautiful for something so simple.

  9. Beautiful linen!My compliments on those lovely button bags. Have a good day. Yvonne

  10. Hello, I found your beautiful blog via-an angel at my table-so many lovely photos : )

  11. wonderful! Always such treasures to see, Cathy. You can almost "feel" the linnen.
    xo Lidy

  12. Hello! I'm so happy to have found your beautiful blog!! I love the photos of your home!

  13. Hi Cathy,
    I often pop by your blog it is so inspiring, just thought that I had better say hi.
    Cheers Linda

  14. Lovely idea. Did you print the "Buttons" tape or is it a shop bought ribbon?

  15. I just want to say how much I like your blog, it's beautiful.

  16. Wonderful Images Cathy!!I love using Linen myself, and the pictures are always so full of Life..I really love the way you work with materials and also how you display them..Nostalgic and Pretty!

    Here it is a race against the clock, but I am getting there. I just finnished a huge French Monogram I am going to use for a special pillow. Unfortunately not for myself, but for Aina`s Charm. I hope it will get a lovely home :)

    Here it is stormy weather, cold and grey. But next week we are expecting spring weather, hurray! :)) I just bought another hydrangea, this time a blue one. I think I saw one place at your table earlier on?

    Like Always it is a pleasure coming here.
    Take good care Cathy!
    Hug from Aina

    Ps: Do you wanna have a swap later on?

  17. I love your blog!
    Hanna...from Sweden


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