Early birthday surprise!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well friends I just thought I would drop by to let you in on a very special day I had today... My dear friend Angela who works with me now a couple of mornings a week and is one of my dearest and most inspirational friends, came over today with lots of wonderful surprises... I am turning 42 this special Easter weekend and she thought we could celebrate early... She bought me a gorgeous bunch of roses from our wonderful local rose farm, a lovely recipe journal and a sweet cushion of raw linen and blue stripes for my bed and she also took me to my favourite cafe for lunch of yummy potato soup and damper....HOW SPOILT AM I???????? We giggle and reminisce about all the things we have in common, of our favourite lollies and soft drink, favourite colours and furniture and everything in between... Thank you my friend for making this day a very special one...
PS The last 3 photos are of my roses in my front garden this morning after a little shower of rain... They look so pretty.....

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  1. Happy Birthday...Cathy I am hoping you have a nice time, it was mine on the 15th.... so are you a Pisces as well?
    I think your roses are so fresh and lovely, I adore flowers the fragrence is a real lift. Your book looks really good too.
    Your new Banner is especially nice, and your Easter Charms are a dream.
    OOh Cathy what a super lift for me to see all your lovely things, it has brought a nice glow to my day, thankyou.....have a nice Birthday la la la la laaaaa ....
    Hugs Lynn xx

  2. Wishing you a very happy birthday!!
    I love the beautiful images in your new banner.


  3. Well, you're worth it!!!

    So, you give away gifts for your own birthday...
    Have a happy one!

    Love, ingela


  4. what beautiful birthday thoughts from your friend and what beautiful roses...
    I have the very same white roses.
    Seeing yours in bloom has me just so anxious for spring.
    It's snowing fat goosefeather flakes as I write this to you.
    Our one last hurrah before spring really breaks through.
    sending much love & a very Happy Birthday wishes, my friend.


    You deserve more days like this for your hard work and kindness to others. So enjoy more of your weekend to come!!

    Always Wendy :)

  6. Happy Easter from the snowy Norway;D

  7. Hello Cathy,
    Happy Birthday for the weekend! You were spoilt but I bet you deserve it! :)
    Siobhan xo

  8. Happy Birthday have a lovely day.

  9. Happy Birthday!! I found your blog quite recently, and I don't think I've left a comment yet. You have such a beautiful nook here and a very inspirational style. I must say I'm a little jealous roses are already blooming somewhere in the world :)

  10. I hope you have a Happy Birthday Cathy. It is my daughters 19th Birthday on Saturday, so I am hoping you both really enjoy the Easter/ Birtday holidays. Have fun & eat lots of cake!

  11. Happy Birthday Cathy - what a special day for you to be able to celebrate with Angela. Your roses are beautiful, it's so lovely to have a new flush in the Autumn. As always Cathy, just beautiful and an inspiration to all. Happy Easter.

  12. What a sweet friend Angela is.
    Your roses look so pretty covered in raindrops.
    Have a wonderful Birthday over the easter weekend

  13. so lucky you,you must of have so great day! And those roses are very very pretty!!!I'm faiting for summer to come in here Finland so that i could see my roses too!

  14. Hi there cathy, have a very happy birthday and enjoy your easter weekend. Yvonne p.s. what a great friend you have, and i love your roses, almost to beautiful.

  15. Wishing you a very happy birthday!
    Love from Jenny in Sweden!!

  16. Happy birthday and easter! i like your blog, so white!

  17. G'Day mate! Belated Easter greetings from Oslo, Norway! It's a treat for me to read such a awesome Aussie Design blog. Geting homesick now! ;-)

    Enjoy your Day!

  18. Hi Cathy, Hope you and your family had a lovely Easter.
    Siobhan xo

  19. Happy Birthday Cathy....girl friends certainly are special! Love your rose photos

  20. Hi Cathy,
    We hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend. It sounds like you had a lovely day with your friend.
    We want to let you know you've been "tagged". For more info on this go to our blog and see our latest post for intructions. It's not hard and lots of fun.
    We love your blog!
    Ann and Sharon

  21. Happy Birthday Cathy,your new banner looks fantastic not that i'm suprised i love your inspiration board,all my favourite looks and colours.
    Have a great day
    Judy :)

  22. Happy Birthday, Cathy.

    What beautiful roses after a light rain and an inspirational friend, what could be better?

    :) ~Tracie

  23. Happy Birthday! What a lovely day! You have a very pretty and soothing blog. I love it!

  24. What a beatiful blogg.I love it. Marlene from Sweden

  25. Oh my God, what a wonderful blog you have! You inspire me. When I´m taking a look at your pictures I feel warm inside.

    I´ll visit you again. No doubt.

    Hugs Karolina from Sweden

  26. hope you had a wonderful beautiful birthday weekend.
    your flowers are gorgeous

  27. Dear Cathy, happy birthday from a fellow March birthday person (mine's the 1st) who's a year ahead of you! I love your new banner and that rose is spectacular! Was that one in your bouquet? If so, what a lucky girl you are. Hope your birthday week was the best!

    Christi from Charm & Grace

  28. Hello Happy birthday , im a little bit late=)
    You have the most beatifuk house i ever have seen!!!!
    Many hugs Johanna

  29. Sounds like you had such a nice day...a very Happy (belated) Birthday to you :)
    Oh the roses were such a delight to look at esp. with it all rainy and yucky outside here!

  30. Beautiful blog and banner!


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