Kirstie and I - decorating together

Monday, April 28, 2008

Well we have just had a long weekend here and on Saturday we decided to head to Brisbane for a bit of shopping... We were actually looking for a new desk for Kirstie but instead we came back with a white locker to store all her books in as she just loves to read... her most favourite pastime....Kirstie and I love to rearrange together and her room now is nearly how she wants it... Just needs a nice light fitting and a little cuddly rug for her floor for winter... Her style is a little more modern then mine but I love the fact that she already has a passion for her surroundings. This room is very dark so I apologise that the photos are not that clear.... I also apologise for the photo of me (LOL!!!!)...... My little Andrew's room is on the list now for a make over so will show you photos of that when we start....

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  1. Cathy, inpired by your book holder in the previous post, I bought a fabulous old antique one the other day. I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Sarah :)

  2. Cathy what a great job you and Kirstie did on her room. Love the words over her bed and how great the locker looks with her books.
    Beautiful poem on the side that Kirstie found for you.
    Look forward to seeing Andrews room.
    Have a great week

  3. hello pretty girls,

    it's so nice to see you both,
    Kirstie, your room is lovely.


  4. Hi Cathy! Yes, Hi! There you are, how nice to meet a face :) You both looks so pretty and also very happy. No wonder with all the beautiful nature and things your surround yourself with. I love the ocean myself and I go there as often that I can.

    The new cabinet is sooo beautiful!! It is very much alike the one that I almost bought earlier on. But It wasn`t big enough and I was a bit worried about the mirrors, how to transport them all the way to Norway.
    I love your book holder in your previous post, I fell so in love with it that I am now looking for one too!
    I always get Inspirated by reading and looking at your pictures.

    I recently got a visit from Angela, I was so happy to hear from her again! She is such a darling :)
    She asked were you could send our exchanges. We will stay a couple of months here before our removal. So I think it will be safe to send it to the adress I now have. Do you still have it, or do I have to send it again?

    I wish you a very good creative week, take care and see you really soon! Hugs Aina

  5. It`s nice to do things together...
    I Like the text over her bed,very nice.
    Have a good week!
    Hug/ L-Lott

  6. I love it! I especially love she is finding her own style. That is exciting! How much fun the two of you have together - I look forward to precious moments like that with my daughter. love you both, Katie

  7. Oohhh, I love Jane Austen's novels !!!
    And very Beautiful room.

  8. Oh I love the photo of the two of you....such a joyful expression on each of your faces! Really lovely....and how nice you both worked on getting the room "just right". LOVE that armoire...oh gorgeous!

  9. Your blog is so full of life and inspiration! First time in here but I will come back.
    I am a swedish woman living in Singapore, you are welcome to visit me:-)

  10. I like the white room. Looks so clean and fresh - like spring. Sounds like you had a good time together.


  11. What a fantastic combined effort, it is really beautiful and chic. I bet you both had great fun, your photographs are so lovely,as well, it is a real treat to drop by, always.
    Have a great week you lovely family.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  12. What a beautiful blog and home! My first visit~found you from another Aussie blog. Your jewelry is gorgeous!

  13. I have three girl's and their dad is from Brisbane. Sounds like you two had fun shopping. This is my first encounter with your blog - love your posts and especially your things on your online store!

  14. Hello Lovely Cathy and Kirstie .... how special to be decorating together. I love the words above the window frame and the gorgeous armoire. The poem on your blog that Kirstie gave you is just so beautiful. I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day 2008 next Sunday May 11th, Cathy and many many more happy and precious moments with your Kirstie and Andrew. Hugs from Wendy (Wainwright) XX

  15. Just love your blog!
    What a beautiful room your doughter have... My doughter is also sharing my interest in interior decorating...
    love from Susanne

  16. Oh so lovely!!
    and where did you get such
    LOVELY Jane Austen books
    I love the simpleness of them


  17. Wouldn't you like to adopt a grown daughter and teach her all things wonderful in decorating? How GORGEOUS is EVERYTHING here!!!!! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


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