Mother's Day

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Well I don't mean this post to be sad but inspirational. I haven't had my dear, sweet Mum for 5 Mother's Days now but I know every day that she has shaped the person I am and I can already see traits in my daughter that she could have only had because of my Mum. She made every small moment in our lives special... from hand feeding calves with milk in a bucket when I was tiny, to making the most amazing clothes for me as I grew up to baking with with my kids at the crack of dawn on the old fuel stove at our farm... My kids couldn't believe that their Nanna who was 70 plus could still skip pepper...She loved to garden, it was one of her life loves so this photo I think is very appropriate.... She would have turned 80 this month..... To you Mum especially for the love of small detail and simplicity of life and for instilling in my heart that love ........You will always be my bright star.....................

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