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Monday, July 07, 2008

I was just going through some photos and playing with them... I know you might think I have more photos of my daughter then my son but it is only because he doesn't really like having his photo taken and he loves to make silly faces, as boys do.... Anyway my sweet, nearly 15 year old daughter has taught me so much about life... She amazes me with her constant sparkle... I told them both the other day that really they are my dream come true. Being a mum is the greatest gift I know I will ever be given and some days I think I am failing miserably... I can't believe how I physically feel the pain when they go through things you really wish they didn't have to....It is as though you physically go through the teenage years all over again (must say some of it I really don't enjoy reliving twice - LOL!!!!)....So to all us mums out there lets try and celebrate every up and down with a smile..............

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  1. She has a beautiful smile and a sweet / shy look :)
    I just came back from my mom's yesterday and already I miss her so much!

    ps: thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment :)

  2. She has a beautiful smile and a sweet / shy look :)
    I came back from my mom's yesterday and I already miss her so much!

    ps: Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a footprint :)

  3. Great photos Cathy.
    It is funny how we feel their pain and joy. Doesn't matter how old they get - once a Mum always a Mum.

  4. Hello~ I love your charms and would like to have one! Can you please contact me!! I tried to email you but the button link isn't workin~ chat soon.

  5. thank you for your advice!!

  6. If you think your children are wonderful, just wait until they bring home these wonderful little people called "grandchildren". I love your pictures.


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