Spring is here - Yipee!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Well I can't believe it is September already WOW!!!! Spring is finally on its way after a pretty cold winter... I have a lot of orders on the go but yesterday I decided I needed to do a bit of a big clean of my studio room and mop floors etc etc.... It feels much nicer today and hopefully I will keep on top of it...I have taken some photos of my studio which I have in my new banner...What do you think...??????I took this cupboard that was really dark out that has been driving me a little batty ....I really need some more storage though but it will have to do for awhile.... Can't wait to start to make my garden look a little nicer too, might need some help from Angela with that as I must say I am not a green thumb at all... and she is simple AMAZING....She is coming to work with me this morning which I always look forward too...Well 80 little charms await soldering!!! Oh my!!!!!!!

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  1. So glad Spring is here too! Your new banner looks just wonderful - just love your style. Wow - 80 charms - that should have kept the two of you busy - hope it went well. I see the little sign - a shop of her own - will that always be cyber or I hope we see Cathy Penton bricks and motor one day - is our little area ready for your beautiful style - I wonder?

  2. :) sound kind of weird knowing the fall and winter is on its way here in Sweden. My boyfriend tells me the winter in Queensland is almost like spring here... not to rough in other words?

    I'm glad spring is on its way for you and I love what you did to your room.

    You make really beautiful things!


  3. A beautiful blog! Love your stile.
    I visit your site from time to time:)
    I'm from Norway, and in my country it's early fall...
    Something nice about that too!

  4. Your banner is soooo lovely,as are all the pictures in this post I just love them "Happy Spring" to you......... spoke to my daughter who is in Sydney earlier (miss her so so much)and she is excited for spring too she can't wait to go surfing again,and we have just booked flights to visit her in december(now i'm so excited) so roll on your summer. Debbie x

  5. ~Everything looks so pretty! Love it all! ~Mandy

  6. just found your blog-I love what i see so far and look forward to returning!!

  7. Oh your studio looks simply divine. You are so creative and talented Cathy. Your banner is fantastic. Happy Spring to you too! A-M xx

  8. oh yes, I drive by her shop every day, taking the boys to school and my boys chorus in the backseat, "living the dream"! (they know I just adore her shop).'J' assures me there is more hard work than just dreams but yes it is an inspiration and a beautiful place to visit! ... and the fact that she is delightful... added bonus! A-M xx

  9. Oh happy spring! We are headed into Autumn here and it is so strange to associate spring with September:>) I would like to spend our spring summer here nad then hae a summer place in Australia, skip winter altogether!

  10. your studio...oh my!!...what a serene place and oh so lovely. how i wish i could drop by ( on a rainy day of course so i could hear the tin roof noises) and have tea ( the "tea" of which you've enlighted me)
    beautiful new banner.
    love it all , as always

  11. Love the banner, it's beautiful.
    Wish I was in Australia looking forward to spring..
    Have a great day!

  12. Hi dear Cathy!!

    Gosh Cathy, it has really been too long! I have missed your lovely blog, your beautiful creations and your warm and unique personality.
    Love your new banner! Wonderful faded colours..
    Can`t believe that you are having the wonderful season spring is. Our days are colder now, fall has arrived. But I like it colder, and our creativity is coming to life again.
    I have a few problems with the Internetconnection, but I hope I will be back with more updates very very soon.
    In the meantime, I will sew and create more. Sending you a very big hug. Take care and happy creative days!!

  13. beautiful studio -- You've inspired me to clean mine! Happy Spring! Here on the Gulf Coast of Texas, we're hoping for early, crisp Autumn weather and no more hurricanes!

  14. I was just thinking I really wish it was spring! I envy you. Springtime is my favourite season of the year..

    Here in Norway it is getting cooler every day...

  15. Wonderful blog you have! So much inspiration! Thank´s a lot for sharing it with the rest of the world!

    I´m happy I found your blog! Will return often!

    All best to you!

    Ann-Helen in Sweden

  16. Hi Cathy!

    The new banner is so beautiful..!
    I love your studio and all the inspirational things you´ve got there :)
    I love the pale/white/greyish shades so much..makes me happy!

    The autumn is almost here, in Sweden, and the light is fading away..miss the midnight sun already..but winter is beautiful too..and I feel like crafting and do some painting at home instead.

    Have a wonderful week and thanks for all the inspiration you give us!

  17. how I wish I was living in this hemisphere !
    didn't know the other banner.
    but I must say your blog is candy for the eyes !

  18. Cathy your new banner is just delightful! Have had fun peeking into your studio, how neat & organized it is!

    Our weather is still playing tricks with us down South. Thursday was a warm 27C., today freezing cold 12C. with hail, wind & rain & our open fire is blazing again. Bring on summer I say!
    Millie ^_^

  19. Hallo.
    I like your blog. just found it.
    Iám sorry but my English isn't verry good. Have a nice week.
    Greetings Hetty Holland


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