I love this photo!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I take so many photos of my charms and I must say it isn't an easy task to get them to look pretty but I love this photo....What do you think?????

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  1. Lovely...yes it most certainly is that!! Perfect.

  2. Quite charming - and I love all your photos - such inspiration - and such beauty and calmness. Thanks for sharing

  3. It's wonderful. I love your charms and admire you photos. You are incredibly talented.

  4. Yes, that is a very CHARMing photo.;) You do very lovely work with your charms and photo taking.:)

  5. Dearest Cathy, your photos are so enchanting...I really love how you pick up the detail in them...have a lovely weekend...Ingridxxx

  6. It is a beautiful photo Cathy. You have done a great job.
    Ness xx

  7. can we have some please......

  8. Hi Cathy!

    Oh yes! Both photo and charm is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Big hug

  9. Yes its just a beautiful composition, the light , the object - everything looks beautiful and its wonderful to be proud of your work. I love your charms. Mel xxx

  10. One of my Cathy Louise favourites too. Loved lily-g's comments - talk about pressure from a client!!
    Millie ^_^

  11. Wow, you have some camera! ....but I suppose it's easy with a beautiful subject. Gorgeous photo and charm! A-M xx

  12. These are so pretty. A question for you....I have a lock of my late father's hair. He passed away just a few months ago. The lock of hair is currently in an envelope in a drawer. I'd like some sort of container for it, something beautiful, even though I'm unlikely to put it on show. Any ideas?

  13. I agree! Lovely photo!
    Hugs Camilla

  14. Sooo yummmy...your pics are devine. cherry

  15. Lovely jewellery lovely photo


  16. 5t's beautiful

  17. God Heaven, it is absolutely fantastic Cathy!! You are so very talented and I really hope that I will own one of your treasures one day. You are Inspiring!!

    So how is work? Still very busy?!!Please check you e-mail, you have a message from me!

    Hugs Aina

  18. Your photo is very good and your blog is lovely!


  19. oh you should, its a gorgeous shot! & such a gorgeous double charm.....you honestly have the most beautiful creations i've ever seen
    thinking of you today while i'm at work

  20. your blog is utterly breathtaking!!! i search so many blogs every day, but your blog truely inspired me and touched my heart so much! i immediately listed your blog in my favorites; it's just so beautiful!!! hope you'll visit my blog sometime, too.

  21. So beautiful!

    Today I saw a shop in Malmö called Fideli och Konungen that had an advert in the window for starting to sell charms made abroad....they looked so very much like yours....but I was in a hurry and hadn`t time to go in an ask for the manufacturer....Would that by any chance be you??? If it is I will most certainly tell all my friends to go and buy themselves a charm! Because you are the best :-)

    Lots of love to you

  22. Beautiful photo Cathy. Your charms are fabulous.
    So happy to be back with some time to read your blog

  23. Oh thank you so much for your advice Cathy. I am so in 2 minds about everything...some are suggesting the element of surprise, by keeping the wall, but I can also see hubby's point. I wish you all the best for your photo shoot. How exciting! Please keep us up to date with all the goss! A-M xx

  24. Hi Cathy!

    I hope you had a wonderful day! Did you really see snow?!???? That is almost not to believe, owning to the fact that you live in Australia. Wow!! I saw a coiple of snowflakes the other day, but now, no snow for us. And tomorrow we are expecting 8 degrees. Warm!

    You make me so happy!! Thank you for your lovely message :))
    I am still working on a few new Ideas as I tod you, so I am hoping you are having enough patience :)
    I hope I am not dissapointing you!

    Take care my friend, I will jump t bed and have a good night sleep.
    And you, have a good Wednesday!

    Much love,
    Aina ♥

  25. Back again with a challenge for you over at my blog. Now I know you are busy with your photo shoot so in your own time... we would love to know more about the lovely Cathy! A-M xx

  26. Oh yes, I do love your photo too! As is your creation as well. Congratulations for the article in Country Style! I'm not surprised that they wanted to come and make an article with you, pics I've seen from your house are adorable!
    Hugs from Sweden Minna :)


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