Another year of work is over !!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Well I posted off my last order on Wednesday which I must tell you was a relief...It is very hot here now in my little cottage and I always find it hard to concentrate on soldering over Summer.... Just thought I would show you a couple of images of my studio room on the day of the photo shoot as I am sure over summer I will change things around as I always do....Really want to get more organised this year and I might even paint my little floor if time permits.... Chalk USA of course....My dear hubby made me these gorgeous little doors about a month ago...It is Chalk USA on one side and the original light blue that I love on the other side.... We rubbed it with a little milk paint in the places where there was no paint at all !!!!! I so love them and will try and take some better photos of them soon.... It is just a normal old door cut in half and then we have taken the top panels out and replaced them with glass... Made a Christmas cake on Wednesday but it is a little dry so might try again...I am going to make some ginger cookies and shortbread cookies today and hopefully one of my puddings from my Nanna's recipe....

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  1. Cathy have a wonderful christmas. Love the photos of your studio. So neat and organised.Love the timber of your work bench/desk.
    Good luck with your second cake - maybe you could just drizzle some type of juice/liquid over your dry one first, then wrap it up for a few days.
    Look forward to more of your posts.

  2. How I love all your white on white things. Such a beautiful office you have. Would your moniter happen to be a Flatron Wide? Just curious cause it looks just like mine.:)
    You have a great day.

  3. What a lovely idea! Cutting a door in half means less space when they stand open.
    Now where can we integrate that idea...?

    I hope you'll never paint that rustic old worktable. You know, that's what I like about your style: you mix shades of white with natural materials.

    I think you might like what I've made... I'll show it tomorrow.


  4. Wonderful house, will keep an eye out for you in the Mag! Love the old used so simply - wish I had that talent! I'm the vintage 'clutter' type! Love too many things!! LOL!
    Irene :)

  5. Cathy,
    What a perfect idea with the doors! We are waiting for the French doors for our reno, but I love this idea more. Did you use a solid timber cricket bat type door? I guess it would work on the outside...I will keep you posted whether I do it or go with the 10 lite french doors.

    I love your office, and I am looking forward so much to seeing your cottage in the mag. I hope you and your family have a fantastic Christmas and that all your wishes come true in the new year,
    Ness xx

  6. Looking forward to the mag now Cathy...and eager to see more!!! Hope your second cake worked out for you...I like Alison's idea of drizzling something over it, could work!!! Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas and a wonderful 2009...Take Care and enjoy the holidays...Love Ingrid xxx

  7. wow I love your work table with all the boxes and the hanging cabinet!
    wish you all the best for a happy Cjristmas and a good 2009!

  8. Oh gosh, that is a beautiful room, so bright and lovely!

    I wish you a Merry Christmas

    Hugs Gunilla in Singapore


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