Christmas is coming!!!!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Well I have been fighting the flu this week and haven't really done anything I was suppose to but we have started to decorate which is always lovely...Kirstie took this photo on her mobile phone of her and her brother... Kirstie is on Summer break now and my little boy has only one week left till he finishes primary school....He has his graduation on Tuesday night which will be lovely..... Will try and post some photos of my Christmas decorations over the weekend.....

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  1. Oh Cathy, what an inconvenient time to feel unwell. Hope your wonderful sparkle returns very quickly.

    I love the pic of your 2 cherubs,& yes, the end of Primary School really is such a right of passage for him. I always had a tear or 2 when each of our boys moved up to the next stage of their schooling.
    Millie ^_^

  2. OOOHH.... c'est joli !
    Beautiful ... picture !!

  3. Cute picture. And congratulations to him on his graduation! :)

  4. i'm so sorry that you were so puny :(

    ok, i am glad you are on the mend & you know i can't wait to see your lovely decorating!!!!

    yeah for andrew!!

  5. Your children look adorable and I bet they are so excited for Christmas. I used to love the school holidays and now I am hanging out for the university breaks - there is nothing like having the children home, it is the best. xv

  6. Great picture. Hope you feel well soon.


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