A few charms on my shoppe blog

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Valentines is less then a month away now so I have a small range of Valentine's charms to tempt you with on my Shoppe Blog. Tell me what you think....

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  1. These charms are so sweet. How can I purchase the heart w/the 14 on it. I live in Benicia, Ca. Do you have an ETSY shop by any chance? Smiles, ang d.

  2. Your house is a dream, full of love and your work is amazing!!! I will come back to your wonderful blog I promise:).....sorry for my bad english!!! hugs from Denmark!!..*Marie*

  3. Cathy as always your charms are devine

  4. I think that they are just lovely ! I read before that someone in Sweden have them for sale ?! Where ???

    Have a nice day !


  5. These are stunning! Forget Val day I would buy them for myself any day!! xx

  6. What do I think? You have such a unique style that if I walked into that Swedish shop you are making charms for, I would know immediately that they are 'Cathy's Charms'.... no-one does them like you. They're beautiful. A-M xx


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