my studio room - more changes

Monday, January 26, 2009

Well I hope you guys don't get sick of photos of my studio room...Even though it is a tiny space it is always changing and evolving to best suit my needs and a little eye candy for me - lol...Well my old wardrobe got a nice new glass shelf over the weekend....I think it looks pretty cool and I am sure the things that sit on it will change constantly.... At the moment is has an old mirror with white timber frame, 2 tiny cloches with french soap and one of my favourite little books the essence of white...

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  1. nooooo I never get sick by your pictures ;)

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely. This truly is gorgeous and such a perfect atmosphere to create beautiful things! I could never be tired of seeing this -- keep sharing, and good job :)

    xo Isa

  3. Just love the new look wardrobe Cathy. Like everyone else, I never tire of your divine images, keep them coming!
    Millie ^_^

  4. How could we tire of something so pretty.. it's a great space.
    hugs ~lynne~

  5. Just lovely Cathy...I'm like Millie and never tire of your gorgeos images!!! I think it looks pretty cool too...Ingrid xx (PS I have tried to get that little book and it's out of print now)

  6. How could we get tired of your pictures so calming thanks

  7. Hi,

    The wardrobe is fantastic. I like it a lot !
    The photos is also very, very fine.


  8. I never get enough of wonderful pictures, like yours!
    Many kind regards from Austria,

  9. I love the new pictures Cathy. Your room is just beautiful!!!
    Thank you for sharing it.


  10. we could never get sick of your pictures, thank you for my charms they are gorgeous x

  11. Cathy--just adore your work space, in fact can't wait to receive your valentine pendants :) Also..what are your other favorite reads? Would luv to see what further inspires you....smiles, ang d.

  12. oh my , i did a gasp....gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!
    i love the new glass shelf & the cloche with the soap....oh i am so copying you my friend
    i LOVE it!!
    hugs hugs hugs

  13. I have just found your blog, it's really lovely, great pictures. I have added you. x

  14. What a pretty little work room you have. I wish mine was always so clean! It is so messy, I end up being on the floor lately!! Love the wardrobe with the glass shelf - soo pretty.

  15. Hello's because it is your working space, that it will always be sooo interesting, and change so very much. I could never become bored with anything that you do, your work , your home, you have your own very beautiful and chic style, that continually evolves. I just love coming round.
    Hugs Lynn xx
    Ps I had to smile...your days are as busy as mine!!thanks for sharing xxx

  16. Caty what wonderful photos of your studio room.. It looks fabulous and always seems bigger than it is.
    Great eye candy!!

  17. That cupboard is beautiful. That would make a wonderful shop display. It looks great with your shelf. Your room always looks wonderful.
    Ness xx

  18. Cathy~ It's beautiful- how can we tire of that? So full of light- what a spot in which to work.


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