little laundry cupboard

Friday, February 06, 2009

Well some days I have trouble thinking of images of my little cottage that you haven't seen before....Anyway, my laundry is sort of in a cupboard...I don't have a dryer just a washing machine and then a sink just outside the cupboard and this little white box, that I made into a cupboard is just beside the entry to my studio room.... I love how old glass looks, the little bottle we found in our garden while digging one day and of course one of my favourite things, french soap...

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  1. Cathy thanks for sharing more beautiful images of your home with us.
    The bottles look fabulous with the reflectig light. Such clever use of a box!!
    We don't mind if you show us things we have seen before because they are always such great photos
    Have a great weekend

  2. When I saw your post I thought how simple and wonderful and then I remembered the name of your blog! How simple and joyful your little cupboard and its' contents are. Great post!

  3. Hi Cathy....I always enjoy when you share pictures of your beautiful home! You are always an inspiration to me!


  4. Your house is so much like ours!
    Our Laundry is in the bathroom (which is huge). All we have is a tub, washing machine and some shelves to display cannisters of washing powder and the like.
    Ness xx
    Love the photos!

  5. I love the cupboard, and what you have beautifully filled it with. French soap. Yum!
    xo Isa

  6. I think I love the cupboard, it's so nice !

    Have a nice weekend :)

  7. love those little bottles!

    listen friend, are ya'll ok?
    we saw last night on an online news thingy that queensland was having some flooding...just making sure all is well


  8. Such a pretty little cupboard Cathy - the way you have styled it is just gorgeous. I think you should take up professional styling in your 'spare time'!

  9. Love the cupboard with all the products... It's usually hard to make the laundry area nice but you really have a beautiful place full of charm!
    love the photos,

    have a good weekend,

  10. simplicity is so under rated and you've captured why I love it so. And, who doesn't have love for the small simple white boxes or shelves. I love seeing how we all use them so differently. Lovely blog. Thanks for having me.

  11. I do not know if I ever have brought a visit to your blog.
    By coincidence, I take a look. And I find it very beautiful.
    Come like to go back
    Greetings Hetty Holland

  12. lovely as always!!!!you must open your own shop to share your talant with many!!!!!


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