Back to reality!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Well we had a lovely 4 days away....such a well needed break but have to be honest it was a little hard to come home even though at the moment I am listening to gorgeous rain on my little tin roof....It was fairly wet while we were away too but got to ride and walk every day and Kirstie and I had a girly night Saturday night as the boys went to Brisbane to watch the footie!!!! Then we had relatives stay the last 2 days..... Took these photos late yesterday afternoon on the beach in front of the apartment where we stay....It had just stopped raining and the sun had come out and it was just picture perfect....I so love the first photo of Kirstie....deep in thought!!!!!Will spend most of this week with the kids as well as hopefully catching up on a little work..... Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!!!!

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  1. glad you had a wonderful trip despite some soggy weather.
    its raining here today too--wish i had a tin roof. is that not the most wonderful sound?
    hugs to you sweetie

  2. Those are wonderful photos of Kirstie. I'm glad the sun came out, there is nothing more rejuvinating than the beach! I can't imagine living anywhere else. Your long weekend sounds wonderful.
    Have a good week!
    xo Isa

  3. Hi,

    They are all fine pictures ! Sometimes color is the best and for photos of people I think that black & white gives more of a person.

    Have a nice day !


  4. I am happy you had a lovely time away. We too have rain this morning but it is nice to return to our routine after a week of spring break and Easter weekend. I find rainy days are great for nesting and working on projects indoors (although my projects today seem to consist of a LOT of laundry and cleaning...)
    Have a wonderful week~

  5. hello
    i agree i like that first photo of your lovely daughter what a wondeful beach we live 5 min form a beach but that is nothin compares to yours :)

  6. Hi Cathy, sounds like a great time away. We have just come back from your neck of the woods. We drove up to Hervey Bay to see my father.


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