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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Well a little challenge for you all...... I would love to hear of your favourite things that you go in search of when visiting home decor type shops.... As you know in only a few short months my friend Angela and I will be opening a tiny little shop....As you can imagine I have a million ideas but work has been so busy lately I haven't had time to think, let alone dream of the pretty space it will be (maybe just a little dreaming - smile) .....

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  1. 'Brown paper packages tied up with string..' Well only partially joking!

    It would seem no matter what I go in search of, I often come home with pillows, bedding and baskets (wicker, wire etc).

    Other great purchases would be anything glass or old world kitchen items e.g french chopping boards, cannisters etc.

    I not really sure what sort of shop it will be, but now we have seen inside your home, I am sure whatever you choose will be wonderful!

  2. Oh, what fun! I love wire baskets, vintage things that can be used rather than displayed (currently I am looking for a fabulous vintage clothespin bag), all sorts of metal things which can be repurposed, and variations of white (flour sack pillows and aprons, french linens, etc).
    I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. My favorite things are: pillows made of old grain sacks; antique or replica French bunnies; antique baby dresses and old bottles in which to put a handful of fresh flowers from the garden. Oh, and lavender scented candles.

  4. Paintings, oil mostly. You know, no name, mum or pop paint at the kitchen table renderings. Not fancy but quaint, and unique.

    Pretty glass dessert dishes, pretty plates to use for display or to eat.


  5. I know you will find the most beautiful stock for your shop Cathy - I am so looking forward to it! You should have no trouble at all being so different from the run of the mill here locally - I look for Glass Cloche's, candles - you know just ordinary Ikea type ones, tea light holders for hanging in the garden, Crabtree & Evelyn product, beautiful stationery, cake plates (old & new), old fashioned glassware, - I could go on and on!! Can you see I'm excited!!!!

  6. Gee... I think anything you would have in your own home would be wonderful. I look for the unusual and vintage for myself but that could be because I have a shop and can get the mass merchandised items if I wanted. Not as easy to come by but it will make your shop unique. Have items of all price ranges. Also if you have it in your shop be willing to sell it...don't have too many NFS. That just annoys people...if it something you REALLY love then price it accordingly so if it sells you'll be OK with it. I'm sure whatever you chose it will be wonderful and you'll have an immediate following. Hope you don't mind me giving you my 2 cents.
    Good Luck,

  7. Hi Cathy

    Mirrors .... old perfume decanters and quaint glass bottles that I can hang your charms on .... silver candlesticks .... silver cutlery and napkin rings ... Old linen ... glass domed lidded cake stands ... wire and wicker baskets ... garden furniture ... old signs ... beautiful stationery ... old lamps and chandiliers ...

    Looking forward to visiting your dream shop, Cathy and Angela !!

  8. hey sweetie....i love unique items that are lovely ( they don't all even need to be functional :) to touch, smell, and even just visually admire.
    yummy soaps, art pieces, handmade journals, linen and burlap along with vintage linens, unique candle sticks/candleabras/chandieliers, jewelry ( especially silver charms ). i love to hear lovely music as i browse....and of course chat with the owner, wink!

  9. Cathy what fun you and Angela will have with your new venture. Love looking for anything interesting to look at and feel - be it glass, linen, mirrors, candles and of course your gorgeous creations will sell like hotcakes.

  10. Hi,

    I have thought about it and I'm sorry, but I like too many things to mention just a few :)


  11. I'm sure your little shop will be full of beautiful things!!

    I like looking for mugs/cups and saucers, stationary, teatowels, candles and holders and lovely books about the home/entertaining or food. x

  12. When I go into a homeware shop I love to look and lust after the more expensive lamps and chairs however I always end up walking out with some little gorgeous trinket. I never plan to buy them but they are always cute and affordable and it makes me feel like I've still treated myself

  13. Hi Cathy...I can never go past a lovely scented candle...always brings back the nice memory from that day and that particular shop. Love to you ♥x

  14. Hello!
    Your blog is lovely! You show so many beautiful photos and ideas!
    I´ll soon come back to you and your blog!
    Have a nice day!
    la petite perle!

  15. Old French linen, mercury glass and wire baskets are always favourite. The white, silver and metal colour combination always make my heart jump faster ;-)

    Oohh ... and those luxury scented candles (Linnea's lights).

    Wish you all the luck in the world opening your shop !!!

  16. Oooh!! So much fun!!
    I love different kinds of lanterns and candleholders, not to mention pillows and kitchen items perferebly vintage...glass, old bottles and decanters etc. etc.

    Looking forward to see what you´re up to, I´m sure it´ll be lovely!!

  17. good luck with this new adventure, i envy you...one uestion would you take designer items on board, i just started a new range of home decorations in plaster....please have a look on my blog or contact me per email...

  18. Oooh now then Cathy...faded old fabric, zinc or metal bits, numbers and letters, old religious ephemera, stamped tags, bags of scrappy old bits of fabrics to play with.Things that I can make something from really.
    Oh now....I have seen your BEAUTIFUL home pictured on www.minlillaveranda.blogspot.com I was stunned it is soooo beautiful, what a real treat for me to see it, she has done you proud your lovely home..
    I'm sorry for not commenting earlier but I have been so poorly and my lovely blogging friends have been abandoned (sad face)....
    So if your home and work are so gorgeous oooh the shop will be a real treat, plus I am so pleased you are well and having fun, because that is what matters the most isn't it.
    Lots of love and hugs Cathy
    Lynn xxxx

  19. Cant wait to see it.
    i love anything with an old feel to it...pressed tin panels made into planters, frames etc, zinc letters, French linens and white linens, glass hurricane lanterns and gorgeous smelling candles, fresh flowers tied with thick brown paper and linen twine, wire baskets, lanterns, beautiful soaps and old signs or one that looks old and wicker.
    Ness xx

  20. Ohhhh,, where will I begin.. well firstly, your shop will be the most FABBY one in the world :)
    But you know me, I love ALL things old, vintage, antique.. linens, papers, lace.. love string, brown paper, stamps, that gorgeous ribbon that you used to use for tying up your monthly parcels, and which I can't seem to find ANYWHERE..LOL..
    And old postcards.. I have been making beautiful note cards with vintage photographs I print out.. but old postcards.. wow, I have so many ways to use them.. hmmm.. so is this enough?? You didn't want a little novella did you?? haha.. Love n Hugz xxx Tea

  21. I am always searching for things that evoque me cosy places: patna furniture, country style bedding and table linen, old dinnerware, flower arrangements, lots of white, pale blues and pastel collors! Good luck!

    Verena (from Brazil)

  22. Blue & white anything.

  23. Hope I'm not too late but I love to forage through old linens. My very favourites are those crisp white linens with the deep tiny crochet edging. And old lengths of fabrics or even new if the design has the same type of feeling. I collect floral Barkcloths myself and love the feeling the designs from the 40's and 50's evoke. As well as the sewing ephemera that goes with it-threads and sewing notions etc...
    Vintage style glass comports are a winner for me too. You could team cloches with these for fabulous displays as well as food!
    Oh, how I could go on.... LOL!
    I would love a little shop of my own too (Maybe one day, Big sigh!)

  24. Oh Cathy, I can't wait to see what gorgeous treasures ends up in your shop.
    I always come home with different things than I went in for --
    I'm always on the prowl for ironstone, artisan cutting boards, individual silver salt and pepper shakers, linens, pillows, and vintage knicknacks like antique cameras or etched glassware ... now I want to go shopping!!!
    xo Isa


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