Monday, July 13, 2009

Well the kids go back to school tomorrow and I always get a little sad as I love having them home and it all seems to go so fast....Yesterday I went to my favourite rose farm and bought 2 gorgeous bunches of roses just to make the house feel a little pretty...I am also starting a collection of white framed photos to put above my blue table in my lounge....I would like to slowly cover the wall with white frames....I noticed today that there has been dirt moved where the shop will be built so I would think maybe the slab this week - maybe !!!! All a little scary really!!!!!!!!!!!! but I can't wait to fit the shop out just need to get a lot of stock made....

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  1. You have just make my morning to a good start of the day.I love the photos you put out.As always you have such stunning pics.The kind I can look at everyday and be inspired.Have a great day!Looking forward to more. CHICKIE

  2. Your white roses are gorgeous! Love the idea of all the white frames...thanks for sharing!
    Take care, Laura

  3. The pictures are as always so beautiful !
    I like roses and the feeling that they give :)

    Have a lovely day !


  4. Love the white roses Cathy.
    I have just this morning pruned all of my beautiful standard white iceberg roses. Now it really does look like winter.
    How exciting to be nearly ready to lay the slab for the shop. Won't be long now

  5. What a great idea - white picture frames clustered together. It will look gorgeous.

  6. White roses are just so beautiful. There is an interiors shop that I frequent that has one wall completely covered in white and mirrored and neutral picture frames and it looks stunning as I'm sure yours will. XXXX

  7. Loving your pictures Cathy bring on some more of your home. Shop is getting exciting. Sandy

  8. i love dropping in and finding a new post from you sweet friend, especially when there are such gorgeous images to peruse.
    the roses are divine!
    what a wonderful home you've created for that precious family of yours
    love to you

  9. Breathtaking space you have, Cathy!! So crisp, clean and refreshing! :) Thanks so much for sharing!

    Happy day to you!!

    Christina :)

  10. I love the idea of the frames I think it is always exciting starting a new collection, the potential, and the unknown...good luck finding them.
    The roses are so pretty.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  11. It's the little details of a home that bring it to life. Your shop will undoubtably be wonderful because of the details you will bring it.

  12. There is nothing like heaps of flowers (especially white ones!) to make your house happy. Sending love to you, sweetie. And excited about your shop. rest up. You will soon be out of your mind busy, but loving it!
    xo Lidy

  13. i love all the white!!! roses are beautiful, i bet they smelt so good!


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