SO BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Well what a hot day we had in Queensland....It is still suppose to be winter and it was in the 30's today!!!! What is going on!!!! Not nice soldering weather but I must say these charms in this photo were one of my all time favourite ranges I have ever created....You can see them at the wonderful store Lily-G in Brisbane!!!! Well it looks like Simple Things Small Joys the Store will be opening at the end of October which is pretty exciting and I have a feeling by then it will have a bit of a christmas theme....YAY can't wait to decorate!!!! I am so sorry I have been so slack with my posts but it is all about the shop at the moment...Please drop by and say Hi I love reading your comments....

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  1. Hi,
    Your charms looks great ! I understand that you're busy, but it's always nice to read your posts !

    Have a lovely week !


  2. Here I am to say HI

    I got all excited thinking there was a new batch for me! ha ha These are gorgeous - I love these inky blue buildings. May have to come to QLD to get them!

    I know it is busy and stressful but hopefully you are still having fun. How great you will open with Christmas in the air. Very special.

    x Julie

  3. Hi!!
    We can wait for you, as long as you come back;0))
    Open a Shop?? How exiting!! I looooove your stuff, it's really a good piece of work!
    Have a nice day, the autumn has come to Norway...
    Love, Cathrine

  4. Hi cathy more gorgeous charms!!
    The weather has been amazing for you Queenslanders, here on the Mornington peninsula we have had lots of gale force winds, rain and hail!!

  5. Hi there!
    I´m so happy for you and your shoppe!I would like to live in your country so I could come and visit you! But one day I will! For me you are a person I would like to be... you´re living your dream!

    Big hug
    Lovisa (la petite perle)

  6. I heard it was really hot in Brisbane today. It is Very strange, isn't it. Oh decorating the shop (especially for Christmas) is going to be so much fun.

  7. hope you had a wonderful the 30's!!
    the charms are gorgeous.
    emi & i were chatting about you & kirstie while we were all eating dinner this weekend celebrating her birthday...talking about how special ya'll are

  8. Hello!

    What fun for you with your own shop and I understand that there is much to do before the break.

    Today we have very warm in Sweden, almost like a real summer day.

    Hello from Anneli ... SussiLi ...

  9. I see the heat has not fizzled your creativity.
    Looking forward to more pics of your wares and the shop.
    xo Susan

  10. Hi Cathy, understand why you are so busy; doing all my charms plus stock for your new store;can you email me the exact cost with postage on an invoice and i will send it off straight away. I didnt know what the freight costs would be. Manda xx

  11. All kinds of great and exciting things, well done, we all appreciate seeing your creative peices.

  12. ravissant!
    j'aime beaucoup.


  13. They are so amazing, have nearly all sold out! you are so amazing, so clever, you will be a huge success and i will be your greatest supporter xxx


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