My little boy turns 13 tomorrow

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Well I loved looking back through photos tonight....He was such a cutie...He is now nearly 5 ft 10 inches tall and he turns 13 tomorrow...He was always my cuddly boy and the one who would always talk to anyone when he was tiny...He would make friends with strangers in the park and was such an easy baby.....Loved information books from when he was little and would throw all the hardest questions at us on road trips..... He had a D and M about girls with me this morning - Wow he is growing up so fast....Love you my sweet boy Happy 13th Birthday!!!!!!!

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  1. Cathy, hope he has a wonderful day. They do grow so quickly.

  2. happy 13th birthday andy!!
    your mama sure loves you!

  3. Godmorning, Sweden here....

    I must tell you that I love your virtual & image blog!! Amazing mix of pic's & so much inspiration!

    Regards from Agneta

  4. Happy 13th to your boy Cathy.

    Wow 5'10'' is tall at his age!!
    These photos are fabulous..I love the first... so special ..what a treasure!!

    Take care x Julie

  5. Hope he has a wonderful day - great photo's too !

  6. Happy Birthday to dear Andrew for tomorrow. He sure is tall for his age! Have a wonderful happy family day together, Love, Wendy XXXX

  7. Congratulation!
    Its strange for a mother when they are turning into a teeanger. My boy is 12years now, He is not a child any moore.
    Happy birtday to you both.=))

  8. Awesome pictures.....I had just a few minutes to blog hop tonight....
    Hope you will stop by my Christmas blog. I have a great giveaway that I will draw for on
    Oct 1 and a comment is all it takes to enter....


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