Day 1 :)

Monday, August 08, 2011

Day 1: 5.55 am wake Kirstie tell her there is only 4 sleeps :)....and she giggles under the covers...First little gift has a clue, she looks very puzzled.....the tag says.... to the most gorgeous daughter in the world..... so many memories but this is one I think will always be ours....xxxx

She knew it was a CD of some description..... Gilmore Girls has always been our series (as it probably is for a lot of mothers and daughters)... We watched it on Tv and then we have bought the 7 seasons and watched them at least 7 times but really I think we lost count.... We have watched through sad and happy times but it is our cuddle up in bed show..... I bought her the soundtrack and we played it loud on the way to uni this morning...... She will get her car in the next few weeks so I thought if fitting that it would be her first CD...... Sun is shining again in my little cottage this work and doing some more of Kirstie's album and picking her up from uni..... gosh I am a lucky mum .............

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  1. Oh that's lovely Cathy!! Looking forward to hearing about the other surprises - Kirstie is one lucky girl :-)


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