my sweet girl...

Saturday, August 06, 2011

I have been playing with photos all afternoon, trying to get some together to make one of the special treats for my girl this week... a bit of a life this far type of book with blank pages at the end for the rest of her journey.... Lovely sayings, quotes and photos... The first 2 images she was only one day old... The last image is my gorgeous mum in the park with baby andrew and Kirstie.... Kirstie loves polaroids so I have made all the photos into Polaroids and have put them into a black leather photo album I bought in Italy last year.... I am also working on a cooking journal with recipes from her great nan and nan and ones she and I make.... I must admit I have had a few happy tears while doing this....I can't believe she will be 18....

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  1. Wow so beautiful, was so fun to see! / Johanna

  2. What a beautiful present Cathy and what beautiful photos. You are making something so special here - a real treasure.


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