only a week till her big day .....

Friday, August 05, 2011

Dropped into to see my gorgeous 17 year old daughter at her work today with a lovely bunch of flowers... You see it is her 18th birthday next Friday so we start celebrating early in my house...I have a bit of tradition of buying them a combination of the numbers in their this year Kirstie gets 9 little bits....The surprises will start early Monday morning and she will get the remainder of her surprises by Friday :).....She is finding uni pretty hard and then working two full days a week she is a busy little trouper.....I have always told both my children, they are my dreams come true and she definitely is......

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  1. have a wonderful week of celebrations
    happy birthday kirstie!!!!

  2. congratulations with your daughter birthday. my girl is only 1 and i cannot wait to start doing girly things with her :)
    have a wonderful weekend


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