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Monday, February 27, 2012

Thought this an appropriate post as Kirstie has her first day back at Uni today, she left the house at 6.40 this morning and dropped her brother at basketball training, then she would have picked up a caramel latte at coffee, tea and me and started her day .....She has had a wonderful summer, full of so much joy, fun and happiness.  Her and I are just back from a magical week in Melbourne, an amazing and vibrant city which reminds me a little of Europe... I was very blessed to purchase a new camera while visiting this beautiful city so Kirstie had a little play with an art setting on the streets of Melbourne.  I will be doing more posts about Melbourne, over the coming days and also a give away to start the new year in my studio.  Hope you all have a truly wonderful week...can you believe it is nearly autumn !!!!!

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