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Friday, March 16, 2012

Sometimes you read about people that just bring a smile to your face with their wonderful attitude to life and the world around them...Serena is definitely one of those people and on Monday the 19th of March she will be launching her new business - my favourite find...I was lucky enough to do a small interview with her about her life, loves and new venture....

Hi Serena
What a fun idea this is !!!!!!!!!!
Anyway here are your questions.....
What a quirky idea to be interviewed from people all around the world about your new venture “my favourite find” what made you think of it????? Since My Favorite Find is available to all - anywhere in the world, nothing could be better than talking to readers everywhere.
So what is your new venture all about???? My Favorite Find is sort of like a virtual show-and-tell. You can seek, find, and share great local shoppes, or events like car boot sales, antiques shows, auctions, and more, and then show-and-tell your favorite finds. It's the first resource of it's kind that exists anywhere and I'm really excited about it.
 You have a lot of wonderful, exciting things that you already do in your life.... why something new???? I've always been an entrepreneur. When I was a little girl, I'd make mud pies and sell them to my parent's friends. I saved my money for an old-fashioned adding machine and would build imaginary businesses. It's just what I love to do.

Because I live on the other side of the world, could you tell me a little about Serena....favourite food, favourite piece of furniture, favourite artist ????? Right now I'm really loving fresh herbs and making food more flavorful that way, rather than with things like cheese or butter. I'm finding that I'm focusing more on being healthy now than ever before. As far as furniture, I'm really into natural finishes and have gotten rid of most of the painted furniture that I had. My favorite artist is Paul Ferney. His work is dreamlike.
Thank you so much Serena ...take care Cathy xo

You can find out more about Serena at her blog web site and on Monday the 19th

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  1. Cathy, it was really great getting to visit with you. I love that even though you're in Australia, we can connect.
    Love, Serena

  2. I've already left my email and am looking forward to "My Favorite Find" - sounds like a great idea!

  3. Thank you !! I'm so happy to be one of the winners :)

    I will send you an e-mail.



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