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Sunday, May 27, 2012

As I sit here in my little studio looking out onto a big frost on the ground...I must say I do like winter...Time for yummy soup, snuggling and watching a DVD in bed and looking at the crystal blue skies and amazing sunsets that come at this time of year....  Kirstie has only 2 weeks left of uni till a 5 week winter break...  She is heading on a road trip for 2 weeks which as you can imagine she is very excited about... Andrew has 4 weeks left till winter break and has heaps of assessment on, to think he has only a year and a half left of where did that time go....  These beautiful images are from my board on pinterest.... Aren't they just dreamy !!!!  I hope everyone has a lovely week ahead !!!!

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  1. Yes, they are dreamy. I love pinterest. I just did a post on one of my most "re-pinned" images. Would love you to have a look. It is soooo funny. Happy week.


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