2012 is going to be an extra special year....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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I thought today, I would do a very honest post about the last few months.... We have had such a lovely year as a family.... Last December my beautiful hazel eyed girl (Kirstie) started dating her blue eyed boy (David)... He spent about 8 days with us at Christmas/New Year (they had only been dating 2 weeks so at least we didn't scare him off) and we all just fell in love with him I must say....Fun loving and always wearing a smile, caring about people in need and loving my daughter with such an open heart... She joined his church and started helping out with youth group (she is now also a youth leader like her blue eyed boy)....They love to bush walk and go on picnics and since about month 1, the blue eyed boy has said she is definitely the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with.....About 6 weeks ago my mobile phone rang and it was the blue eyed boy and he asked if he could have a coffee with my hubby and I and I could hear the smile in his voice and he said I think you know what it is about mummy....I knew then that this was going to be another one of those life changing moments... My heart was racing so fast and my stomach was doing flip, flops.... I text one of my closest friends in the world to try and steady myself...She was gorgeous and excited like I was......The blue eyed boy was so nervous that day but he shared with us so many beautiful words about our daughter and how he felt about her...He asked for our blessing and we said yes....He told us what day he planned on proposing and so the next 5 weeks were the hardest of my life....My beautiful daughter and I share everything and to be totally honest it was hard to even look at her for a couple of days knowing that I was keeping the biggest secret of her life.... It is a week today since they got engaged, they are holidaying in Victoria staying with some of our closest friends in the world...We flew down on the weekend and I was able to hug them both... She is a truly amazing girl, I know I am totally biased but she loves with a beautiful open heart... They are so affectionate and loving with each other it is so lovely to be part of their journey together....They are looking at a Summer wedding - WOW !!!! my baby girl is getting married.... and the story continues...... 

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  1. Oh Cathy, what a beautiful fairy tale story that was!! So happy for all the family and Congratulations to dearest Kirstie and Dave! What a wonderful life they have ahead of them. You are definately going to be very busy for the rest of the year but what fun that will be. That's so gorgeous that you kept the secret for so long! Lots of love to all of you!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I know that you and Kirstie will have so much fun together organising a wonderful wedding. Enjoy this time. Love Lee

  3. Congratulations to beautiful Kirstie and Dave. So happy for you Cathy and your family.

  4. Oh Cathy, I am ever so happy for you & your beautiful family.. CONGRATULATIONS to your gorgeous Kirstie and her Dave.. in the same week, your little girl is engaged, and my beautiful boy came home for good.. It is indeed an extra special year :D
    Much love from your friend, Tea xx

  5. Fabulous news Cathy, how clever were you to keep your lips sealed for that long, long week! You have some exciting months ahead planning the wedding, I'm sure it will reflect everything the kids value most in their lives.
    Millie xx


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