He turns 16 tomorrow :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My little (6 ft 2 in) hazel eyed boy turns 16 tomorrow...Feeling a little sad because he is away on camp and I won't even get to speak to him :(....Since he was born he was such a loving little boy, always loads of cuddles and kisses.... Breakfast is our time with so many D & M's I have lost count...  I love that time with him... He loves to run for fitness, plays basketball and if you give him a maths problem he is the happiest boy alive... Kirstie and I will pick him up from the bus on Friday and take him to a new gelato shop....He has a great love for gelato (since our trip to europe).... Lots of celebrations this weekend...I can't wait :)

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  1. enjoy celebrating your young man!!!

  2. enjoy celebrating your young man!!


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