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Monday, April 29, 2013

Someone asked me about my hazel eyed boy the other day and all I could say was - he is a doll and yes I am biased... He still loves to sit and have hot chocolate at the table with his mum every morning, he works so hard to do well at school, play sport, and make a difference by raising money for different charities at the moment that is Relay for Life and baking macaroons for Barbs home of angels and really all I have done is Love on him because he is the most independent, strong spirited person I know... 

My beautiful hazel eyed girl is working so, so hard... Only 19, going to uni , working on weekends, trying to be the best wife and keep house...  I treasure every moment I get to spend with her because she gives my heart so much joy it nearly hurts and then when we work together well that is just pure bliss... She can't wait for her degree to be over so she can have her own classroom and she will be amazing.

I spend a little time every morning on pinterest searching for pretty images that I share on my facebook page.
I love designing these pretty collages to share a little of what I love with you all...

I am constantly designing in my head trying to think of new things to add to my little shop.  It is still a work in progress but I love where I am going with it and enjoy the challenge...  I am plotting some new and exciting things that I will share with you real soon but if you have a shop and would love a range of charms please contact me by email.

Please drop by my facebook page and like Cathy Penton Atelier as this is what you will get to see most mornings....I am so blessed to live and work in my tiny little cottage, spend time connecting with friends near and far, work with amazing designers and shops around the world .....and most importantly have the most gorgeous family that anyone could ask for ..... until next week.... stay true to you and you will end up incredibly happy !!!!!!

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  1. What a beautiful blogg post that was Cathy .. you are an amazing woman of great talent and so beautiful inside as well. I love how you share your gorgeous family with us. God bless you XXX


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