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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

{Karla Obst Photography}

Happy Wednesday dear friends
A little post about a very talented friend of mine ...

Friends come to your life for all different reasons and I must say some of my dearest friends have come to my life around the time of big change....  My beautiful friend Karla I first met as a customer in my retail shop...  I remember seeing this beautiful mumma with at the time a little boy and 2 little girls and one on the way... She was so sweet and then after making the decision to leave my shop Karla had written me a couple of beautiful emails that I will never forget and since then we have been the closest of friends and I was blessed to spend a part of our Christmas Day with her and her beautiful kids this year playing cricket !!
She is one of the most loving mums I know and has just started a blog and a new photography business. She captures exquisite real moments in her photography.... So extraordinarily lucky to have her in my life.

{Friendship isn't a big thing, it is a million little things}

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  1. Thank you my most beautiful are beyond gorgeous....I am definitely the lucky one to have you. Love you so much K x


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