Mother and Daughter Charms

Friday, March 30, 2007

Well what a fun day I have had soldering these new charms... I must say they are some of the sweetest charms I have created thus far... You can see the rest of the charms on my web site. This weekend I am hopeful that my dear husband might help me fix the bed situation and then I want to paint a wardrobe (no built-ins in this house) and possibly the bottom of an old sideboard of my Nans... If I get anything done I will be sure to post photos. Also need to work on some little bags and journals for the web site...

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  1. Cathy~
    I can't say that I get in here to read every entry (I should be working on my own!), but I do feel a kindred experiences each time I do.
    My husband and kids will abandon me for the beach next week (Spring Break) and my "things I'll get done while they're gone" list is approaching epic proportions!
    I'm going from here to my blog to enter my plans for everyone to read--maybe then I feel some sense of responsibility to actually tackle the projects!
    I'll keep checking in with you to track your progress and be inspired to achieve more!
    I'll be ordering more charms later today!

  2. I came across your blog today and loved it! You have such beautiful taste and style. I absolutely LOVE your store.

  3. really lovely Cathy.
    your little glass boxes are little jewels...sparkling and heartfelt.


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