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In my store - I talk to Ness Lockyer of Marley and Lockyer

Hello my friends
Ness and I met through the wonderful world of blogs 14 + years ago.  She is an incredible artist, calligrapher, pottery designer + maker.  She lives in a gorgeous little cottage in Tasmania, with her beautiful little family.  I am blessed to call Ness my friend {even though we have never met in person} and I have been so lucky to have her beautiful stock in my store.  A collaboration of my love of quotes + her gorgeous calligraphy, she has created bespoke pieces for my store.  I thought you would love to know a little more about this beautiful human so I asked her my 5 favourite questions.

Describe yourself in one word?
Loyal. Loyal to my style, myself, my friends, my art, to learning new things that push me harder. 
What inspires you the most?
My family, and our rich Scottish heritage is a massive inspiration to me. Our way of living revolves around the Scottish version of hygge - Cosagach or Coorie. It’s all the snugly things in life inside like comfort, family/friends, …

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