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creative musings - with Janelle Richards

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest human alive working on projects big or small with other creatives {it is my absolute favourite thing}.  I met Janelle at her first trade show in Melbourne.  She was at a first timers tiny booth and as we chatted I could feel instantly what a kind, genuine and talented person she was.  She wanted to make a difference in this world and make it better for people.  I reached out to Janelle after that show to let her know what she was doing was amazing.  We worked on a couple of little projects together which was fun + wonderful but what I love most about her is her heart for what she does, whether that is creating her beautiful journals, gift boxes or bringing people together in her mindful makers workshops in her home in Sydney.     If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be? I had to ask my son as I’m terrible at things like this….he couldn’t decide between kind and empathetic.  He’s obviously a keeper and loves his mother but can also

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