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COLLABORATION - renee Mueller - renee mueller art

 I came across Renee on instagram several years ago and fell in love with her exquisite art.  I bought a couple of her pieces to put on my wall and than earlier this year we both took Jeanne Oliver's Creatively Made Business course together and I had an idea for a new project I wanted to work on so I reached out.   I can't wait to share what we have planned for 2021 but for now I thought you would love to find out a little more about her so I asked her my five favourite questions. Describe yourself in one word? Sensitive. What inspires you the most?  The Theatre and Nature.  Black, white or all things earthy...which would you choose and why? Very difficult question. I love working in a beautiful neutral palette of black, white, cream, and raw sienna. And, I love working in beautiful earthy colours like olive green, yellow ochre, raw sienna, and burnt sienna with a touch of pink.  If you could rearrange the furniture in one room of your house, what room would it be and why?

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