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Wedding Hankies - Custom work

Several years ago, an idea came to me to do a wedding range.  It was May around my Mum and Dad's anniversary {the 3rd, they were married 49 years before my dad passed away} and the words "in my lace dress" kept coming to me so I drew a sketch of a lace dress {similar to the one my mum wore} on my chalkboard board with these words surrounding it.  I gave the idea to a graphic designer and for some reason he drew a rose with the words around it and at first I thought it didn't seem right but then I remembered the last time my Mum visited she had planted a rose that only flowers in September {the month we lost her} so this is how the rose came to be.  Life got busy with other projects and nothing came of that design until recently ... Country Style magazine asked if I would design a wedding hanky for a Wedding edition and from there the orders started to flow in.  This little letterpress card made by Jo Olive is attached to the little box of each custom wedding hanky th

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