Creative Musings - Tania Robinson - Southern Wild Co.

"Magical" is the word that comes to mind when I think of Tania Robinson and her business Southern Wild Co.  I can remember opening one of her parcels for the first time and it literally took my breath away.  Timelessly, unique but with whimsey + beauty all its own.  Her intrinsic ability to meld words, scents + nature to transport you to a wonderous place of pure joy.  I can not wait for you to read Tania's answers to my five favourite questions.

1. If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be? 

 A fitting descriptor for me would be "inspired." My inspiration stems from the world around me—the play of light, captivating scents, the beauty of nature, and the liberating sense of freedom. I draw inspiration from my community, whether it's my local friends in the bush, the artists I collaborate with, my family and friends or my lovely online 'insta' community. As a solitary woman in a shed, dreaming and creating, their support is indispensable. Without them, I couldn't pursue my passion. I genuinely feel blessed to have such overwhelming support.


2. What inspires you the most? 

 Without a doubt, my greatest inspiration unequivocally lies in the Australian landscape. The interplay of light, the colour, and above all, the distinctive scents captivate me. I love that it can be so very beautiful one minute and the next, dark and dangerous. I feel like the very landscape in Australia makes us more resilient. Every scent crafted by Southern Wild Co is a reflection of the belief that 'home is where the scent is,' aiming to evoke comforting memories that instil a sense of 'home.' Personally, my source of inspiration is my home in the Australian bush. I find the utmost contentment when immersed in nature, and it's this natural environment that fuels my creativity.

3. Black, white or all things earthy…which would you choose and why? 

 Earthy tones would be my preference. The allure lies in the rich palette of natural landscapes and the ever-shifting seasons. My connection to nature involves extensive periods of exploration—be it walking, sketching, foraging, or simply immersing myself in quiet observation, attuned to the scents and sounds of the bush. Winter’s muted tones hold a special place in my heart; all those layers of grey and silver punctuated by pops of amber and a million shades of green!

 In saying that, the summer landscape in the central west of NSW also captivates me. The vibrant spring greens transform swiftly into sun-bleached golds and browns, accompanied by the bright, ‘hurty’ light. Then there’s that intense, unending ultramarine sky which further adds to the beauty of this wild and stunning place we are fortunate to call home.


4. If you could rearrange the furniture in one room of your house, what room would it be and why? 

 That's a tricky one! I'm constantly rearranging furniture throughout our entire house, and it's tough to pick just one room. Sometimes, I'll be walking by, and the way the light hits a particular spot catches my eye. I'll think, "Maybe that chair should live there," or "What if we move the sofa to where we can enjoy watching the kangaroos in the front paddock all summer?" Even in the Shedquarters, where we spend our workdays, I might rearrange things for a photoshoot vignette and end up liking it so much that the furniture stays put for a while. Shuffling everything around is incredibly therapeutic for me, and I find the change to be quite inspiring.

5. Favourite quote? 


‘But it was in Australia that I gained my first impressions of the beauty of the world, and it was the Bush that taught me.’ 


This quote from the Australian Impressionist painter Tom Roberts resonates deeply with me. As the leader of the Heidelberg school, Roberts created numerous iconic works capturing rural labor and the unique light and atmosphere of the bush. Despite my privilege of travelling the world and living abroad for a decade, the beauty of the Australian landscape stands out as the most profound and captivating experience I've ever had.


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