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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Follow your bliss - I believe
it will always lead you down the right path......

I must say I have been doing what I love for a long time now and this little room has been a great source of inspiration... I am lucky to have this huge work bench that was used in a worshop at one of the local high schools and we bought it for $80 which I think was pretty amazing ... I have my little white petticoats that my Mum made my sister and I. There are journal stacked in my cupboard with inspirational quotes, lists, clippings and drawings but I must say there hasn't been time lately for much drawing... AND there is the computer I create these blogs on... This room is so tiny but it is my space and I love my time here.

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  1. You are so right Cathy...and you are the first person to put a name to those moments for me..."bliss" I've been having those more and more the past few days as my heart is taking me down the right track for my life. Thank you for being my friend as I venture down that way. You are one of the loveliest people I know. ooooooxxxxxx

  2. What a lovely studio ~ just to have a small spot to create and be surrounded by things that inspire you is a wonderful have a very sweet blog :) Dawn

  3. What a gorgeous studio space you have. I love your work bench/table. Wonderful quote!

  4. Your little room is gorgeous. Having your own space is so important to be able to work and create. That workbench looks very long.

  5. Looks like a photo that could be in a magazine!


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