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Friday, April 13, 2007

Well it is late Friday afternoon after a long week... Unfortunately I have been suffering from a yucky cold this week and found it hard to get through a load of orders plus occupy my beautiful kids and keep the house in order... I feel so very blessed with all the wonderful support I have to my web site and the items I offer... This week my little bag (similar to this one) came out in the May edition of Romantic Homes... Here in Australia it takes a while to get things so I would love to hear from anyone that has seen it as I won't get to see it for awhile yet... I am so lucky for the support of Romantic Homes as my business has grown a lot since the February edition... I have a tiny little old slate in my room where I always have a quote to inspire me... This week it is
There is nothing like a dream to create the future
...I so believe this... I always knew from when I was little that I needed to do something creative...Something to challenge the happy, blissful place inside your mind and I must say I am living that dream now...

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  1. I'm going to have to subscribe to Romantic Homes so I can see when you are featured!. I just love this bag. :)

  2. dearest Cathy,
    Katie found your May Romantic Homes magazine for me this morning & photos are on their way via-email as I write this to you!
    We oohed & ahhhd all the way home.
    I love the lovely old red toile & the linen!
    It's just gorgeous and very nicely done, We're so happy for you!!!!


  3. Thanks Christe, Katie and Sara
    Have just seen the photos in Romantic Homes and I am so excited and feel very lucky as they make my things look so pretty... Will put a photo on my web site later....

  4. My sweet friend! I am soo proud of you! You have really found your blissful place in making these charms. The way you have grown as an artist and a business woman inspires me. You are a beautiful person, and your work reflects that.
    love you lots! Katie

  5. just passing threw swweetpea love your blog,come on over and see my art and goodies.

  6. I am sure this will be one of many times you will be featured! Congrats my little Aussie friend.



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