Happy Easter to you all

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter to you all.. It is early Good Friday morning here in my tiny little town in Australia. It is sunny and fairly warm I must say for this time of the year... It hasn't been a good start as my hubby has been sick all night and now my little Andrew has woken up with a heavy head cold..... We are having a quiet Easter at home here just relaxing and doing a few things in the yard and I will do a little work as well as I am a little behind this week... There will be the traditional Easter hunt early Sunday morning and hopefully we will get a chance to have a picnic sometime over our 4 day break... I seem to be finding it hard to keep on top of the house work lately so will try to think of ways of organising myself better so I don't get so stressed about my messy house while creating... Working at home is wonderful and I wouldn't have it any other way but I must say when the house is messy it is hard to concentrate.. More news tomorrow about new things being added to my web site...

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  1. What a lovely posting. I totally understand about working at home and when the home is a mess, it is hard to concentrate - right now I am staring at 7 piles of paperwork spread over the living room rug, my coffee table tons of papers and fabric samples on the chair - not my way of working usually, but life can take over some time! :-)
    Happy Easter my Aussie Friend,

  2. Hello dear friend...I too understand the frustration of too much to create and things everywhere..and it seems a tad worse when one has a wee house, because you can see everything..sorry to hear that your boys are not well..hopefully they will recover in time to enjoy the easter hunt..wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Easter..
    Love n Hugz xxx Tea


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