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Thursday, April 26, 2007

I am sitting here in my little studio this morning thinking of the long list of things I need to do today... My daughter has just left for school with her dad and I will drive my little boy to school soon... I need to have a shower as I slept horribly last night, too many things rushing around in my brain... My little retail catalogue is due to go out soon and I am so behind but I know I will get there... I sit here and think how lucky I am to have this space to change at my will... It makes me smile even though mostly when I am working hard it is a disaster area.... Loads of old paper, photos, pieces of glass, fabric and the list goes on... but it still makes me smile, even then... Anyway I best go and start this busy day...... Would love to hear from you all...

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  1. I so wish I had a sweet space like that Cathy...it has just the right feeling and full of light. I adore your old books and I've loved the box with different compartments to hold little things - is that an old type box for old lead type? Would love to sit at your table and create with you...one day! love ya sweetie!

  2. I always have a chair here at my desk waiting for us to create together my friend.... We call that box a printers tray here in Australia... A dear friend gave it to me several years ago and it is so very perfect for my charms, pieces of glass etc...

  3. hello darling girl, my your world looks dreamy, i have just come by to say hello, every thing looks divine, love jo p.s dont forget to put your lipstick on.

  4. what a wonderful inspiring place to work. I would love it there,too.
    might I squeeze in between you & Katie?

  5. I just love these photos. You have such an eye for perfectly worn pieces. I love the ribbons on the spools too. :)

  6. What a pretty studio. I hope your computer gets better.

  7. Pretty things. I love old books, so this looks to me like a lovely place to work.



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