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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Oh my it is me again changing things around in my house... Went to an antiques and collectibles swap meet yesterday... I must say there wasn't a lot there that I liked mostly loads of expensive china that isn't really my thing but look what I did find... This is a rusty absolutely gorgeous end to a tiny little iron bed... It had its main frame missing so I decided it needed to come inside to be a feature on my wall... It is now on the end of my sewing room wall where my collage board was before... I know you are all probably thinking I am a little odd (so does my hubby sometimes) but I love texture and tactile things that is why I love old linen so much and I love having a change all the time... I was so busy last week with work that I was getting stressed out so I moved a table in my kitchen to a different direction and cleaned a little and I felt so much better.. So rearranging is my stress relief and I think maybe I have passed this same trait onto my daughter as yesterday she changed all her dressing table... That makes me smile big time....

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  1. it's beautiful Cathy,
    I've never seen a little bed like this, it's just right for your room. I love the ribbon rolls hanging below too.

  2. I love that little piece. It's absolutely perfect the way you've used it, also!

    We have one of those great old iron beds at out lake place. When we found it, it was in pretty sad shape. We fixed it up and had a mattress made for it. It's a 3/4 size bed. It has slats and falls every now and then! Reminds me of when I was a child and all beds had slats!

    Back Porch Musings

  3. What a clever idea - I may have to steal it - I only steal from the best you know! :-) Love the new look of your blog too - very nice color choice - wish you all the best my litte Aussie!


  4. It looks so good here Cathy. I could just imagine how much your mind was ticking over as soon as you laid eyes on it at the swapmeet! I can really picture it where you originally said you would put it but then again, it would look good with your touch anywhere you put it...

  5. Hi Cathy,
    This is so pretty. Artist look
    at objects with a different eye.

    I love your new look on you banner.
    And if rearranging furniture is realxing for you, then so be it.

  6. Thank you my friends. I so love walking into my sewing room, it inspires me to look for more interesting things to create with.

  7. I'm constantly tweaking things in my home too...I feel you on that bit. I think this piece is amazing and works so well for this purpose!! I just love it. Truly an inspirational piece to drop your eyes on when you walk into that room.


  8. Love the bed frame! And I love how you used it. I love to rearrange things. It always makes old things seem new again and gives you a fresh perspective.

  9. Oh what a treasure for you to have in your lovely studio...I totally understand the re-arranging thing, do it often myself. After all is in it's new place, I have new-found energy and ideas! The look of your studio is just beautiful :)


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