Slowly getting there

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The week is going too fast again... Our pavers arrived today for an outside feature we are working on this long weekend (if I get all my work done)... They are a nice sandstone colour, I will take some photos as we go.. It is lovely weather now to work outside... Our outside needs a lot of work but we will eventually get to all the jobs on a very long list we have... Anyway thought I would share one of my favourite sayings with you... I found this in an old box of my Nanna's photos and letters...

I believe in wisdom as revealed in human lives as well as in the pages of a printed book; in lessons taught not so much by precept as by example; in ability to work with the hands as well as to think with the head; in everything that makes life large and lovely..
Edwin Osgood Grover

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  1. What a wonderful quote - I'm writing it down and remembering it. Your Nanna had a sweet and kindred heart.


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