Monday, May 14, 2007

Hi everyone
Well what a beautiful weekend I had at my niece's wedding... We now have Mr and Mrs Walsh... I was 18 when gorgeous little Donna was born and I spent a lot of time with her while she was little she is a delight and Marty her new husband... well she couldn't have picked a sweeter bloke... They got married on a race course (beautiful venue) and it had rained all the day before and we had a couple of showers in the morning but the sun came out just as she got out of the car. I must say I shed a few tears as I watched my darlin brother walk her down the isle... He was so nervous but he looked at her with so much love and admiration... My other niece Shannon (beside Donna) looked just stunning as well. My daughter Kirstie took these photos and she did such a good job.. It was a simply beautiful day that I will remember for a long time...

I also wanted to let you know that I have sent out all the catalogues I have in Stock!!! Thank you for all your wonderful support... Next catalogue is due out in August and then the last one for the year will be late Oct early November....

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  1. I can see why you would be "so very proud". It looks like it was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding. Beautiful photos and beautiful people!

    My oldest daughter has a very strong attachment to her nieces and nephew, too.

    Back Porch Musings

  2. What a beautiful family, Cathy.
    I can see just how happy all of you are in these pictures.
    All of you together and sharing this very special day.
    Your niece is beautiful and her new husband very handsome.
    So full of love and tomorrow.

    xo C

  3. How pretty! I have never heard of a wedding on a race track, I bet that must have been gorgeous!

  4. Thank you so much ladies... My nieces and nephews are just so very special to me.. I can't wait to see all the photos that the photographer took as Marty works in his families cane farm so they had photos there... I think they will be amazing... Sara, the race course was a gorgeous ventue as it was so lush and green, it is one of the only places in Australia that is having loads and loads of rain... They even had there names up on the billboard at the finish line...........

  5. What a wonderful wedding, and memories you will have forever. It looks like it was also a very very FUN time!



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