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Sunday, June 17, 2007

What an absolutely lovely weekend we have just had... A delightful story of friendship... Sharyn, Andy, Anika and Emily are our dearest friends... Sharyn first came to me through a beautiful letter she wrote to me as a customer of Cathy Penton Designs... She ordered one of my original patterns and the rest they say is history... I phoned to thank her for the beautiful words she had said and since that we have talked to each other every week... She lives 1500 kilometres away in the beautiful ranges behind Melbourne in Victoria. In the sweetest little 1930's cottage with her family, she is a wonderful mum and wife, a nurse and also runs a B & B...We have been lucky enough to visit her on two different occasions... This was the first time she has been to my house and it was so lovely to be able to show her my place.... I must say I miss them already as we often say how wonderful it would be to live around the corner as our boys (hubbies) love renovating and getting up to mischief.... We went to my favourite little cafe called the Chocolate Cottage today and sat and talked and laughed....I am very blessed.....

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  1. How lovely for you to have your special friend come to visit. Her home looks delightful - I think you have some other pics on your web site? Yum, the Chocolate Cottage is beautiful, I enjoyed a day out there on Friday stitching and having lunch with friends - a perfect day out!

  2. wonderful! I'm so glad that your dear friends were able to come for a visit. I know it does your heart good to have them near.
    Sounds like a lovely lovely time!

  3. Hello Cathy!It's wonderful reading your post about friends. I write a blog on friendship, so your blog was a refresher. You have amazing friends circle, enjoy this gift from God, and spend as much time you want with them.Take care!

  4. oh - what fun- did you girls sit up all night and jo


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