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Thursday, June 21, 2007

My dear friends just sent me this photo after arriving home in Melbourne... I loved the photo they took of the front of our house. The other photo is taken at my favourite cafe called the Chocolate Cottage... this is outside on the lawn... It was such a lovely warm winters day unlike the freezing conditions we have been having the last couple of days....Can't wait to see them again....

A friend is some one that reaches for your hand but touches your heart

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  1. dear Cathy & family,

    oh,it looks like such fun to be with your good friends.
    Now when I imagine our visit to Toowoomba, Meringandan or Highfields- to the Chocolate Cottage, I have a real place in my mind's eye to dream on until we can actually sit under the umbrellas with our dear down under friends, have a biscuit or cakes and talk until we're hoarse,
    so looking forward to that day.
    love to you,

  2. Dear Cathy, isn't it wonderful to see your own place from someone else's perspective? Your cottage looks so cute...I think many a friendship has been secured or reinforced under the watchful eye of the chocolate cottage,

  3. Hi Cathy
    It was my birthday on Friday so my husband took me for a drive in the country today (Saturday) and we stopped by at Highfields and had lunch at the Chocolate Cottage. Had such a beautiful day and loved Highfields very much. It rained quite a lot for which the residents must have been very thankful. Was thinking of you when I was driving through!

  4. wow- its so nice to have your friends come and stay- im from melbourne as well, so for you girls to see each other its just la jo...p.s dont forget to put your lipstick on...

  5. Are you in this photo? Tell me where!!! :)


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