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Monday, July 30, 2007

Really suffering from a sore throat and tight chest today and I have so much I SHOULD be doing but decided to update my blog instead.... This is a small area in my studio.. I love my sweet little old slate... Sometimes I have inspirational sayings on it... Sometimes my to do list... This journal I collaged for myself from magazine pictures as I have to go through them from time to time or they will over run the house... Some sweet little heart charms before they are soldered... and a beautiful old studio photo of a baby... Just thought I would share....
Take care

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  1. Drink lots of lemon juice Cathy. Hope you're feeling well again very soon.

  2. You have a wonderful gift of combining things into something beautiful!
    Take care of yourself.
    Ingela, Sweden :)

  3. Gorgeous!!

    Get well soon!


  4. Beautiful picture Cathy. You need to take time out to look after yourself from time to time.I'm sure this lovely sunny day will help!Ang.

  5. Thanks girls
    I am sitting here sipping on a cup of tea and taking it pretty easy today... Thanks for your comments as always...
    take care

  6. Oh so sorry to hear you aren't feeling that well...Hope youre back with a better feeling of health soon. Take care :) Your pics, as usual, are just lovely .

  7. Thanks for all your kind thoughts... I am now barking like a dog but doing OK!!!!

  8. you make beautiful little corners in your that copper that I see??!!! uh oh...i love copper.

  9. Visiting blogs is like following the Yellow Brick Road... I linked to you tonight and had a very nice read and enjoyed your photos! I am new to blogging and loving it!

    I prayed for you and your health tonight. I pray that you are feeling much better!

    Blessings, kj


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