more photos of the old courthouse

Thursday, August 23, 2007

These are early photos of the courthouse.... We bought it a couple of years ago now... We worked on the front garden and built a new fence and paved a path from old bricks before tenants moved in... The room you see here was originally going to be my shop but too many council regulations to deal with so we decided to rent it out... If we go ahead with moving there this will become a kitchen and open plan living area... It is quiet a large area...

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  1. Dear Cathy, considering the wonderful transformation of the front garden, imagine how good you could make the courthouse.
    Is that green grass I can see!?! Now that is something that we would like to see a lot more of.

  2. HI Cathy,
    It is lovely to see what you have done to the Courthouse.. To have a plan - from the before photos - to the after and see it come together so beautifully is truly special. You give me inspiration!

  3. Great photos and possiblities!


  4. How exciting! It's got wonderful potential... I love the plantings. In fact, my flowerbeds now have a similar theme... white, silver, lavender...

    Looking at your thoughts from afar... I know the temptation to take on new exciting projects!
    Having teenage kids myself, I realise how much they need of us, and how much time our renovatiom work takes...
    Maybe you could continue letting it out a few more years, and then take it on when the kids are older? Meanwhile, there's a whole lot of thinking and planning, I'm sure...
    Hugs from ingela :)

    (I'm also of the impatient kind, that wants to start new projects as soon as I've thought them up!)


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